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Embracing Environmental Stewardship

SUMCO endorses the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The Environmental Management Systems at all of SUMCO's United States manufacturing facilities are certified under the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 program. This proactive approach to identifying, monitoring and controlling environmental impacts is used worldwide by many of the very best companies.


We believe that functioning under ISO's high standards, which require us to take a constant, hard look at the way we do business, reinforces our promise to our communities to be a good neighbor and to our customers to make the best silicon wafers possible.

SUMCO's facilities have embraced a commitment to environmental stewardship with programs that address:

Resource conservation. Through continuous improvements in our manufacturing processes, SUMCO facilities have achieved remarkable efficiencies in water and electricity consumption.

Waste reduction. Our facilities have aggressive programs to reduce, reuse or recycle water, paper, cardboard, scrap metal, wood, silicon, empty chemical drums, used oil, batteries, plastics and spent fluorescent lights. In addition to keeping these materials out of the waste stream, we have adopted a program to make large customer shipments in returnable containers, further reducing the global environmental impact of our operations.

Pollution prevention. Although our emissions have always been well below the quantities allowed under our operating permits, SUMCO manufacturing facilities have successfully eliminated many chemicals from our processes that could have posed risks to people or the environment. Through aggressive substitution of chemical materials, improved control of inventory and decreased consumption, we are committed to operating with the highest degree of pollution prevention.

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