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Caring About Where We Work and Live

SUMCO takes very seriously our responsibility to the communities in which we do business. The facilities we build, the way we operate them, and the community programs we undertake are all designed to ensure the safety and well being of our employees and neighbors, and the protection of the environment we share.


Philanthropy and volunteerism
SUMCO has consistently provided financial and volunteer support to organizations in the communities in which we do business. In addition to providing a structure for employees to participate in company-sponsored volunteer and philanthropic activities, SUMCO encourages all employees and their families to volunteer their time to community organizations of their choice.

Environmental leadership and stewardship
SUMCO's commitment to environmental quality is reflected in the certification of our Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001. We also sponsor and take part in a variety of environmental-friendly programs in the communities in which we have facilities. From quarterly litter patrols, recycling initiatives and car-pooling, to environmental education programs for schools, we proudly join our local neighbors in supporting and protecting our shared environment.

Business alliances and leadership
Although our market is the world, SUMCO facilities are also part of the fabric of their local business communities. We believe in taking a leadership role in helping to strengthen the business climate and actively participate in local economic development and business organizations.